About Me

Hello! My name is Furkan. I am a computer engineer and I currently work as a project leader / innovation manager / innovation consultant in Germany. This is my personal website that I’ve created in order to represent my uttermost essential existence in the virtual world.


Born at a very young age, I am analogue by nature and digital by design. At the age of fifteen, I faced the bitter truth of not being the smartest, the strongest or the most handsome man in the world. It took me another fifteen years to digest this heartbreaking chunk of information. But here I am, at the age of thirty two, living in peace with my weaknesses that I never speak of and my strengths that I always humblebrag about.

unprofessional resumee

I work as a caffeine dependent life-form and generate concrete value on linkedin. With a distinguished BSc in Computer Engineering from a university that no one heard of and with an esteemed MBA in International Management from two universities that nobody cares about, I stand tall in the corporate ecosystem. Although there are millions of my kind crawling on the job market, I manage to stand out with my highly advanced mediocracy adaptation skills. My vast superficial knowledge nearly in all trivial disciplines grants me the capacity to rule over profound projects with authority. In my environment, I am known for satisfying my customers without getting their hands dirty with any —God forbid— value creating activity.


May it be for formal or informal institutions, for commercial or non-commercial establishments, for public or top secret organizations, I matter a lot. If the general public wasn’t drawn in ignorance or if anyone would be kind enough to inform them about my existence, I would undoubtedly matter to them, too. I am a noble depositor of banks, a fierce-less consumer of supermarkets and a half-educated luminary for the society. My existence stems from various necessities, among which the need for mediocracy blazes the trail. I am a man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery misery.


A couple of years ago I started to gather my writings here and there in the internet under a blog. My goal was to quarantine the world from a literary contamination. Later on, I forgot to pay the hosting fees to the service provider for a couple of months. As a consequence of ordinary course of events my account was deleted. I was sure that I had a database backup somewhere, so I wasn’t bothered much regarding the incident. Well, I just noticed the backup file that I was counting on was actually a broken. Long stroy short, I lost about 50 blog posts including my stories, book reviews and translations. Now the blog is as empty as my tear storages. This really killed my appetite on writing to be honest, but I decided to start from scratch and write new stories.